08Х18Н10Т, 12Х18Н10Т, 08Х18Н10, 10Х17Н13М2Т, 20Х23Н18, 07Х16Н4Б
20Х13, 30Х13, 40Х13, 14Х17Н2

Smelting methods: гр, вд, ви, ш, эи

Stainless steel bar production is based on the following Russian standards:
GOST 2590-88 Hot-rolled round bar
GOST 2591-88 Hot-rolled square bar
GOST 1133-71 Forged steel, round or square. Assortment
GOST 2879-88 Hot-rolled hexagon bar
GOST 7417-75 Calibrated steel, round
GOST 14955-77 Hot-rolled round steel with finishing. Technical requirements
Forgings are based on the following Russian standards:
TU 14-1-1530-75 Steel and alloy forgings for machine details. Technical requirements.
GOST 26131-84 Heat-resistant forgings. General technical requirements.
GOST 25054-81 Поковки из коррозионностойких сталей и сплавов. Общие технические условия.
By agreement with a client there also can be additional requirements: “For nuclear power plant”, “Aviatechpriemka” (ATP) and ultrasonic examination.
Cutting up to 600mm.


Circle, mm 8-29 30-56 58-110 115-250 200-600
Square, mm 20-80 85-160 165-250 More then 250
Hexagon, mm 8-14 15-19 20-25 26-41