Сold-drawn (hard-drawn), spring, high-strength – 12Х18Н10Т
Heat-treated bright 1 class:

12Х13, 20Х13, 30Х13, 40Х13,
08Х18Н10, 12Х18Н9, 12Х18Н10Т, 10Х17Н13М3Т


Tool steel Structural and thermoresistant steel
Main types:
Group 1 – 8ХФ, 9ХС, 9ХВГ, ХВГ и другие
Group 2 – 7Х3, 5ХНМ, 5ХНВ, 3Х3М3Ф, 4Х5МФС, 4Х4ВМФС (ДИ22) и другие.
GOST 5950-2000 Tool alloy steel
TU 14-1-2118-98
TU 14-1-3299-82
TU 14-1-1397-75
TU 14-1-1515-75
TU 14-1-655-73
TU 14-1-748-73
TU 14-1-478-73Assortment is based on TU 14-1-4492-88

Group 1 – for production of tools, which are usually used for treatment of metals and other materials in a cold state.

Group 2 — for production of tools, which are usually used for treatment of metals by pressure at 300°C and higher.

Main types:
12МХ, 12Х1МФ, 20Х1М1Ф1ТР, 20Х1М1Ф1БР, 25Х1МФ,
18Х3МВ, 20Х3МВФ, 15Х5, 15Х5М, 15Х5ВФ, 12ХВВФ, 38Х2МФА, 38Х2МЮА

GOST 20072-74 Thermoresistant steel. Technical requirements.
GOST 4543-71 Structural alloy steel.
GOST 2590-88 Hot-rolled round.
GOST 2591-88 Hot-rolled square.
GOST 1133-71 Forged square and round.
GOST 103-76 Hot-rolled strip.
GOST 4405-75 Forged strip.
GOST 7417-75 Calibrated round.
GOST 14955-77 Finished round.
GOST 8559-75 Calibrated square.
GOST 8560-78 Calibrated hexagon.
There are different steel sorts: Without heat treatment
With heat treatment – T
Hard-drawn — H
Assortment: sheets, strips, rounds, squares, hexagons.